A little bit about me.


My name is Andrea. I live in a rural part of Southwest Virginia in the Appalachian mountains. I am a busy woman with many titles, like most women these days.

First I am a daughter. My parents have been married for thirty-six years this July. They are both God-fearing people, and my two biggest inspirations. My mother has this connection with God like no other. My dad is more educated in the Bible than anyone I know.

Next, I am a sister. I am the youngest of five. Also, I am the only girl. My brothers mean the world to me. They each have their own families now, and I love how God is working for each of them.

I am happily married. My three year anniversary is coming up May 3rd. Adam is my sweetheart. He’s ten years older than me, has been previously married, loves sports, and spoils me rotten.

I am a stepmom to two wonderful boys. My boys are eleven and eight. They have more energy than a red bull on steroids. They look like miniature versions of their dad. They teach me life lessons every single day.

I am a dental assistant at local small-town dentist office. We are as close as family.

I am a photographer. I mean, who isn’t these days?

I am soon to be a Refit instructor. (Google it!)

I am most of all a child of God. And He is my everything. And He is wonderful.

I’m excited to write. I hope that what I do write will fall into the right eyes of the readers. I’ll try my best to be as real as I can be.

Looking forward to speaking to you!

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