Live Inspired


Today, we had a Refit event entitled Refit 122. It was in honor of a local fallen police officer, Curtis Bartlett. Curtis lived life to the fullest. He was in the military, a school resource officer, a K9 handler, a fitness instructor, and overall a great person. He always pushed past his limits – working harder to inspire and motivate others to push their own limits. We did Refit for 122 minutes to push our own limits and go further than we have before to raise money for Curtis’s fitness group, Police Fitness.

I live in a small town. Everyone was affected in some way by his passing. However, he lived a life to motivate and help others. This was one of many events held in his honor.

There’s another Man who’s life and death¬†motivated and inspired others. His Name is Jesus.

To live a life inspired- what does that mean? What does it mean to live like Jesus, who’s life impacted people for thousands of years after His death (and resurrection.) What does it mean to live inspired like Curtis, who has moved a community to support and lift each other up?

For one, it means putting others first. Jesus’ number one ministry was OTHERS. He spent His time investing in other people. He taught them, fed them, healed them and loved them. He would take time for Himself to get filled up just so He could pour it all out again. He ultimately died for others so they wouldn’t have to face the same death he took on. Thank God, He didn’t stay that way. He arose again to take His place as our King. What an inspiration!

God’s not asking all of us to be martyrs. But sacrificing our time, our money, and our talents to help others is what being a Christian is all about.

I want to be the one who inspires others. I want to make an impact on others to motivate them.

What can you do to motivate someone? Can you invite them to work out with you? Invite them to church? Tell them an encouraging word? Spend time with them?

Push your limits. Reach higher. Go further.


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